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-health clinical line. used together, they help keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. the toothpaste actually reduces plaque. and the rinse reaches all areas and is clinically proven to help prevent plaque regrowth. crest pro-health clinical line. together, they help keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. crest. life opens up when you do. 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. a a parent, listen closely to the "voices of meningitis." it was a tuesday. becky said she didn't feel well. on wednesday, we said our final good-byes. i was there when my son took his first breath. and i was there when he took his last. not everyone who gets meningitis...dies. i wasn't sure she'd make it. the infection spread so fast. we learned about the vaccine after he got sick. we are the "voices of meningitis." (overlapping voices) join school nurses and families nationwide by adding your voice. meningococcal meningitis may be rare, but it's often devastating... ...you can help prevent it. get vaccinated. health officials recommend vaccination for preteens and teens. talk to your child's school nu
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is not a big fan of the regulatory states. it has a useful advocacy function in our liberal democracy, and there is just no need for civilians to own an assault weapon. it speaks horribly the public discourse in this country that talking about gun reform in the wake of a mass shooting is inappropriate or politicizing a mass tragedy. it is inappropriate only to those dilutional enough to believe it would disrespect the victims of the gun violence to do anything but sit around and mourn their death. [ applause ] >> having said that after a game of paintball a kid shot his friend with a shotgun and killed him. >> that article is now posted on your facebook page. >> stephanie: that's like magic how that happens. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> yep. >> stephanie: steve in tennessee. hi, steve. >> caller: hi. i totally agree with the assault weapon ban, but i also believe everybody should have them or nobody should have them and the people who are already in possession of them they should take that whole list of what they are banning and all of those people who have those bann
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ways did the africans use the things to further their own and? >> good question, thank you. i think the missionaries, including the most religious of the abolitionist were properly realistic insane that they knew that the amistad africans were willing to study christie on the but they did not think that they've embraced it. maybe if you had, they hoped. but it turns out this is, this is a really interesting and complex question because clearly the, stop africans recognized what was important to the abolitionists. so their attitude was, he wants to study your language and your religion, we will do it. but at the same time we are going to insist on their own identity as a people. so you could say that the african identity grew as a counterpoint to this idea that they should become civilized christians. now, all of these tensions were on display because once the supreme court ruled in their favor, and said they could go home, well, the supreme court also ruled the united states government had no responsibility to pay for their going home, so how were they going to get home? well, for t
. we noted -- we proposed no audit adjustments. management has been one step forward giving us all the financial information that we needed to complete our audit and for that we thank management staff. i would be happy to answer any questions? >> are there any questions? if not, thank you for the report and the presentation. seeing no questions, can we move to our next and last item? >> yes. item no. 8 is the approval of the minutes of november 19, 2012 meeting. >> i have to abstain. >> we have a motion and a second. >> we'll take a roll call vote. director lloyd? >> aye. >> director mett kav? metcalf? >> aye. >> we'll have to carry this forward. >> so we'll take a motion to continue this item to the next board meeting. >> so moved. >> we have a motion and i believe we can do that -- >> what will change next time? >> the two will always abstain because they weren't here. >> i wasn't able to attend the meeting. >> what will change? >> i apologize. >> so you may review the meeting minutes that are available online and confirm that the meeting minutes accurately ref
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for the heaters. i get permits all the time because as i said, i'm used to dealing with the building department and very level headed people. anyway, what happened was -- >> i'm sorry, it's 7 minutes, time is up. >>> i'm holding here -- they deny that i asked them, when i filed this appeal, i didn't know i had 7 minutes. >> five matters? it's up to you. they're your rules and procedures. because there's five separate matters, the department has presented in one, i'm not sure it's fair to limit her to the 7 minutes. >> okay. >> but it's up to you. >> three more minutes. >>> okay. anyway, i asked them when i filed this appeal about those three cases. and she looked it up on the computer and said i had never cleared any case on that building. and anyway, i came down here the next day and one of the revocations is on file. i cleared three and it's on each one. it's number 167 8 06. and what happened, i found out they destroyed all the case downstairs two years ago after [speaker not understood]. so, some things did not make it onto the computer, the records. i'm talking about the records department
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and powerful country. bad things could never happen to us. it can and it has happened to great civilized countries. you know what they do? great and civilized country can destroy their currency. we have printed trillions upon trillions of dollars and we're in danger of destroying the very value of your currency. so instead of having a president who runs around saying he's going to stick it to rich people, what we really need are honest people to go around the country and say to people, if you are working class or you are retired, the government is stealing from you. the government is stealing your savings through big government. so on the one hand, they offer you something. they offer you baubles, something for free. here's a cell phone. just take the cell phone and vote for phaoefplt it will be okay -- and vote for me. it will be okay. the problem is it's not free. on the one hand, you get the free cell phone. on the other hand, you get $4 gas. on the other hand you get food rising. why do prices go up? we run a deficit giving you free stuff and then we print money to pay for it and tha
Search Results 9,050 to 9,062 of about 9,063